Saturday, May 13, 2006

Credit Cards!

PVR Cinemas online booking system is ruined. I can't use it anymore. Stupidly they ask for all credit card details like card number, expiry date and CVV as part of their booking details. No person with an understanding of credit cards and sensibility would give out that information on any website. Another of this kind is the cashier in shops copying your credit card number and expiry date by swiping it on their billing machine. Atleast, the CVV number isn't copied. Yet another case is the opportunity for the guy in petrol pumps and hotels to copy all the information including CVV, when you hand him the card for billing and he takes it away from you.

So, there is no anonymity in using credit card anymore. And there is no security either. People who keep cards with huge spending limits must be more alert and careful with their card usage.

Simplest of all solutions is to make a PIN part of credit card purchase authentication. It should be very easy and would allow using of credit and debit cards exactly same way.

I've written a mail to PVR about this. Let's see what they will do about it.


  1. that is how all on;ine purchases are long as it is secure and the merchant is responsible and there is a rule of law in the land you are living it should not be a problem...thats how things are done in good old usa

  2. It's really dangerous, but we go on using the cards!!))