Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Price of Broadband

Typical home broadband connection prices in US and UK and many other places are going down while increasing the bandwidth of such connections. Everywhere, 8Mbps connection or more is the standard broadband and they pay almost the same price as we do. I wonder when things in India will improve.

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  1. Hi Vishnay,

    Don't believe what you think you see. :-) Think about it! I get a nominal 4mbit service here in UK on my landline account thru a discount service.. "Utility Warehouse" it costs 10GBP a month for the broadband add-on service (other providers can cost much more). It has a 1GB cap (I think). In South Africa I have a service on a community LAN (100Mbs LAN - the gateway upstream is anyone's guess it generally gives me equivalent to 1 mbs) for R100 pm (equiv 7 GBP a month).

    India and RSA are "geographically & demographically challenged" countries. Prices there will never equal US & UK prices unless the urban users are given a price break rather than keep subsidising poorer rural users (who are often still on 56kbs modems!!).

    BTW: I have a IIS filter that desparately needs "conversion" to Apache 2.x. Can you help me.. (can be beneficial to you) Rob

    [email protected]

    BTW I do cipher compression, I am head of the partnership, Atlas Shrugged has influenced me greatly, in RSA Afrikaans word for "fountain" is "Cyfer" --you can pun "cyfahead" any way which way! :-)