Saturday, January 23, 2010

HDFC encourages illegal parking?!?

Just saw an HDFC ATM ad on TV. There were so many things wrong with that ad that had to make this blog entry.

In the first scene a car is shown parked at the side of a narrow road, presumably illegal parking. Then a tow-truck guy comes out of hiding to tow away that car. He looks like a villian from a old Hindi movie. While they show him struggling to hook the car to the tow truck, the owner of the car is seen already in the driver seat ready to drive away and the tow-truck guy is disappointed and evidently blames the fast ATM. Then the camera pans to the HDFC ATM and the message is clear that withdrawing money from that ATM takes very little time.

It is true that most ATMs don't have dedicated parking area and most customers are forced to park somewhere nearby and walk to the ATM. But in this ad it seems like HDFC is encouraging it's customers to do illegal parking right in front of the ATM. It also shows the incompetency of traffic police to enforce the parking law. Double Wammy!