Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Race of the season

The first qualifying race of the season was such an exciting affair. The new format is really brilliant. It puts to test nearly every aspect of the whole team. TV channels were not prepared adequately to telecast it properly. They just didn't know how to handle all 22 cars on the track at the same time in a qualifying. But I had no problems enjoying the race fully with the help of Live Timing from the F1 website.

Sadly at the begining of the race, my favorite Raikkonen lost it at turn 10 due to a suspension failure. (It looked like the tail broke off first). He drove on just two wheels to the pits as though he was going to start over again. Ofcourse, they didn't have a spare car!.
Only 10 drivers had set lap times, and since 6 are knocked out at the end of first session, when it resumed it was a huge traffic jam at the starting of the pit lane.!!

The final 20 minutes session was brilliant. It was Ferraris all the time on top. Since drivers were starting with fuel amount same as what they would be starting their races, I expected this final session timings to be slower than the first two sessions. But amazingly, it was the fastest for all drivers. Ofcourse all of them changed tires just before they got their best timings.

Overall, this new format is kickass. And with the tire changes allowed and lesser powerful V8 engines, it seems Ferraris are going to rule this season.

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