Monday, May 22, 2006

Reservation, Strike, and Rumours

Today I got an e-mail saying this:
Sorry for giving you all a very bad news, it may be one of the worst news after the Independence. All of u know that strike is going on all cities of India protesting reservation. Subhash Srivastav an AIIMS student died at 6:44 pm on 20/05/2006, because of hunger strike protesting against reservation. Media is not allowed to cover it. Please pass this to all and help not to let down his sacrifice
The truth of the matter is something else.

According the AIMS, no one has died. This particular rumour was spread by SMS.

It is 9th day of hunger strike and 19 students are still on strike. Initially 139 students started and 120 of them have fainted and have recovered in hospital in last 8 days. "First three days were tought", says sachin, on of the students on strike.

Media is busy covering the share market crash in the past week. But they sure wouldn't miss a person dying on strike. Even the people on strike wouldn't keep such a thing secret. The whole idea of hunger strike would be defeated otherwise.

Interestingly, the students on strike aren't the ones directly affected by the quota. They already have their seats in colleges secure. But they say they are fighting for a greater cause. It is indeed great resolve of these students that deserves applause and support from all of us.

Meanwhile 2 people have resigned from knowledge commision which was supposed to come with some plan for next 10 years.

Incidentally, a poll on NDTV says that 60% people support reservation. (Lies, damn lies & statistics!!). But this is democracy. Majority wins!

All in all, Manmohan Singh(or is it Sonia's??) govt is having a hard time in these tough times.

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