Monday, January 14, 2008

Dish TV: Quality?

I've been watching TV on my DishTV subscription for more than 2 year now. Although I have to agree the quality of video is generally better than cable, I have always felt that the audio quality on cable is better. Maybe I'll find out the technical reasons for that someday. Among the channels that has best audio and video quality on DishTV is AXN. It has superb audio/video quality. But it also the best on cable. I guess they have a very good broadcast quality. Among the channels that I watch, the Star World's audio is the one I'm most irritated with. It has too much high frequency distortion and crackling sound. But it isn't true for the same channel on cable.

At first I was wondering if my equipment was damaged. I got that feeling especially since when I touch the receiver I get a slight electric shock.

Hmm.. I wonder when we can actually get decent equipment that receive high quality broadcast without distortion.

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