Saturday, July 03, 2010

Borg collective

At the end of the episode named "Unity" (S3E17) in Star Trek Voyager S3E17, Chakote and Janeway have this conversation:
"They saved us from that cube, and they let you go."
"But they didn't hesitate to impose their collective will on me when it served their interests, did they?"
"No, they didn't."
"I wonder how long their ideals will last in the face of that kind of power..."

That made me think about how the political system really works around us. With the influence over masses, political leaders kind of form collective which is supposed to be based on some ideology shared by all members of that collective. But once such collective is formed it gives them immense power. And in the face of such power it's hard for the ideology to still hold. When the leaders who wield such power deviate from the ideologies even if some raise voice against them it is far too easy to coerce or induce them to fall in line with such collective powers.

Anyway, I'm not well-read on socio-political dynamics and what I wrote above is something that just occurred to me and thought to pen it down. But from a computer science perspective, a few well-selected keyword search on Internet found plethora of information on collective decision making, decision markets and such interesting related topics. I'm sure spend some reading time on these topics in the coming days.

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